Spell to get Something.


A charm related to the object you're trying to get, or a candle/incense/oil burner.


I've been trying this spell recently and it's starting to work, you just need patience. Update: My mum said she's buying methe guitar in the next few days.

Spell Casting

I'm trying to get a Fender Stratocaster which is a type of guitar, I haven't got it yet but I've started getting money, which is what I need to get this guitar. This is what I've been doing.

Place incense/oil burner/candle on an alter if you have one if not ignore the peices about incense/oil burners/candles. Then get your charm and place it next to the candle/oil burner/incense, light the candle/incesne/oil burner and say:
"Ancient God and Goddess(or another God depending on who you worship) wise and old,
Bring me riches, bring me gold,
Please bring money for a _Fender Stratocaster/your object_ to me,
This is my will, mote it be!"
meditate on holding the object you're trying to get, this of the sounds and smells of the object.

This spell can be edited so you could probably get anything you want...but be careful, I wouldn't cast this spell for too many things.

UPDATE: My mum has agreed to buy me the guitar, and I won't have to pay for it myself. So this spell did work for me, happy casting.
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