Conjuration of the Spirit




Chant to conjure a spirit.

Spell Casting

"I conjure thee, O spirit (name of the spirit), by all the most glorious and efficacious Names of the Great and Incomparable Lord the God of Hosts, come quickly and without delay, from whatsoever part of the world thou art in; make rational answers to my demands. Come visibly, speak affably, speak intelligibly to my understanding.

I conjure and constrain thee, O Spirit (name of the spirit), by all the aforesaid Names, as also by those seven other Names wherewith Solomon bound thee and thy fellows in the brazen vessels to wit. Adonai, prerai, tetragrammation, anexhexeton, inessensatoal, pathumaton and itemon: do thou manifest before this circle, fulfil my will in all things that may seem good to me.

Be disobedient, refuse to come, and by the power of the Supreme Being, the everlasting Lord, that God Who created thee and me, the whole world, with all contained therein, in the space of six days; by eye, by saray, by the virtue of the Name primeatum, which commands the whole host of Heaven. Be disobedient, and behold I will curse and deceive thee of thine office, thy joy and thy place. I will bind thee in the depths of the bottomless pit, there to remain until the Day of the Last judgment. I will chain thee in the Lake of Eternal Fire, in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, unless thou come quickly, appearing before this circle, to do my will"
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