Quietus Curse


3 Dark purple candles
2 Red candles
1 Black candle
1 fire or heat resistance bowl
1 cup of graveyard dirt


This is a payback to a partner or to someone that has caused immense pain to you. Please do not use if you have a broken heart, you will get over it.

Spell Casting

Create your pentagram on the floor using sea salt Place the candles out in the following order:



Purple candle at the tip of the pentagram Purple candle on the right hand side, middle point Red candle on the bottom right point Red candle on the bottom left point. Purple candle on the left hand side, middle point Black candle in the centre of the pentagram. Place the bowl about 20cm in front of the BLACK candle Surround your BLACK candle with graveyard dirt (just the base) Add the remaining graveyard dirt to your bowl. Place the photograph in the bowl right side up.


Clear your mind and think of the pain that you were caused Light your candles in the same order you placed them (see above).
SPELL What once was ours, will be mine I have seen the truth back in time I know my place, and what you have stolen from me Now you will fall at my feet, so shall it be It is time for you to stand judgement for your deeds I will no longer answer your pleas.



"I call forth the eternal fires of hell Fell my wrath, feel my will Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust Twist the bones until they bust Crush their spirit, and collect thy soul Make them suffer as they once did whole Feel my poisonous pain run through Slowly vein by vein, feel my wrath brew I sentence you to death, the worst punishment of all You are surrendering, I laugh as you fall This is my vengeance, wrath and will Now you know, I have the power to kill This is my will, so shall it be."



Keep all candles burning and your mind focused on the pain until the picture is burnt. After blow out the Black candle first Then clockwise, blow out the rest Bury the ashes from the photograph and the graveyard dirt .

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