Unleash the Fire


3 matches
2 red candles
One black candle
Tarot card "the fool"
Fire proof candle holders


To summon the element fire to burn down any obsitcals in your way. To make someone pay for what you know what they have done to someone else and to be warm during cold months.

Spell Casting

Put candles in the fire proof holders, light each candle with a different match, that is why you have 3 matches. Don't use lighters because the spell doesn't work that well when you do that. Place the black candle inbetween the red canles and lay the fools tarot card up side down in front of you near the left red candle. The right red candle is the resemblence of warmth, the middle black candle resembles destruction, the red cadle to the left resembles revenge.




"Fire 3 I summon thee, fire warmth, fire destruction, fire revenge. I summon ye the most ~point to wich candle you wish to invoke by~ *note: if pointing to the left red candle you must have the card near it for revenge to be done.* by the days work and day's night, from sun up to sun down, I summon your power to aid my wishes. *If chosing the left right candle* Think of persons face and chant their name~ I see you with great most distrust and see you spilled your hatred upon others, ~say name and visualize face~ you need to change your ways. I summon a revenge card in your favor ~say name~ until you have changed your ways ~flip fools card over~ the fool knows it needs change. until you change your ways what you dish out will be returned to you times three by three. So shall it be, so shall it be."



Pinch out candles from left to right, lay the fools card if you used it under the left candle but if you didn't use it put it back into your tarot deck. Forget the spell the next day and it will work wonders, indirectly it will show but it will work.

 Happy casting. :D

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