Someone See Reason for thier own Good


1 or 2 candles ( Make a circle of white candles if possible to ward off any spirits that may attempt to intervine)
The four elements:
A Bowl of water(preferbally from outside, tap water and bottled water isnt nature),
Soil from the ground,
A gentle breeze from an open window or a hand fan, and of course fire is already present with the candles.


A Simple spell that needs no ingredients or equipment but I advise you have a few things on the list, This will stregthen the spell. Thanks

Spell Casting

Do what is said in the equipment, take a few breaths, concentrate on the person and repeat this spell until you feel something has changed and the spell has worked.


"You who may not see the help im giving,
You who is flesh, blood and living.
See Reason to what Im saying to you.
Im here to help you too.
In space and time,
Let you see reason with this spell rhyme.
Let reason come to you let me see,
So mote it be."



Please leave any comments if it works or not, both are appreciated.
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