Conjuration of the First Gate's Guardian


To have already completed the first two steps entailed in the Opening of the First gate.


To call the guardian of the First Gate of Madness.

Spell Casting

After completing the first two steps entailed in the Opening spell, raise the Black Mirror to thy face and call out, "Dit Exodin ux dis Unon Fomeor, RecheƩ ezx Me!" Now the guardian will come forth to you, and his face will appear in the mirror. If you have not placed the seal detailed in the Opening, he may attack you. Now, to bind him to you as a familiar spirit, chant this incantation twice, "Dremon, Exodin ux dis Unon Fomeor, Y asr Sevan Tiu!" Now the guardian is yours to command, and you may act in the first ring of the Abyss. The Guardian should be addressed as Dremon.
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