Lotus Blessing


lotus candle


Very Beautiful and Meaningful

Spell Casting

The life of the lotus blossom holds a special message for us. Its qualities and the way it maintains its beauty can be metaphoric for a life lived in harmony with its environment.
The lotus flower begins its life in very shallow water, usually in a muddy pond. As it grows it rises out of the dark mire, lifting itself up on a strong and stable green stalk.
It may rest close to the surface of the pond but it is never moistened by the water.
If the rains come, the precipitation just rolls right off and scatters about the blossom as pearls.

If it is picked from its stalk, it is found to be silky and dry to the touch. The mature lotus blossom always turns its head toward the bright light.

As you light your lotus candle, celebrate the ritual manifested by the simple lotus?

Hold your Faith in the natural processes of the universe.
Devote your Time to fulfilling the plan for your life.

Maintain Hope that as you keep to your path, others will be strengthened to rise above the dark and negative energies of our world and Love Lavishly as you Open to your Enlightenment and Share your Beauty with all Others.


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