To Soften a Heart


Red Pen
Blue Pen
10 cm x 10 cm paper
green leaves


The following is a spell that is also likely to be used by teens. This spell soften the heart of the person that is cast on. May be a teacher or a parent or a boss!

Spell Casting

Write name of person to soften in paper, in capital letters, using blue pen and cross it with a pentacle
On the other side of the paper write the following words using a red pen and encircle them with a heart:




Place the leaves on the side with the heart and fold paper four times. Don't let the leaves fall. Place paper on your heart, say:

"May this gift fill yur heart (name of person to soften)
and when you are given the chance
to sentence someone, may you find
forgiveness and mercy."

Keep paper near heart for the rest of the day. In the night place paper in a park or your garden.
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