Rock, shell or pebble.
Incense. (Optional)
Paint that will stick to your rock, shell or pebble.
Something to paint with, such as a feather.


This is a spell to ask the God and Goddess for direction.

Spell Casting

Go to a forest or beach, you need to go somewhere where nature is all around. Walk arround until a stone/pebble/shell catches your eye and pick it up, if possible cast your spell there and then, try to cast it outside. Light incense (if you have it) and place the stone in frount of you and paint an arrow on it while reciting:



"God and Goddess wise and old, point me on to the path you want me to follow, this is my will make it be."


When you feel lost or live isn't leading you anywhere meditate on the stone/shell/pebble.
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