Healing Water-holed Stones


Holed Stones
Clear Water


from NekroN_black

Spell Casting

This spell enchants water which then can be used for creating healing talismans. Once empowered, these talismans can heal the person who wears them over time and also wards off most illnesses and or curses.

Take a holed stone (naturally holed stones found in or beside running water or the ocean) and put it in a vessel of clear water. Remove it and the water is possessed of healing vibrations which can be used in healing baths, to annoint a healing charm, and so on. Perform this ritual on the new, waxing or full moon with the focus on healing and getting better. Place the bowl of water with stone out under the moon to collect her energies and blessings. Say the following or a similar incantation: "Lady Luna, bless this water with your healing energies."

After saying that line, leave the water outside for nine whole minutes... for nine is a healing number. You might also sit before the water and meditate over it.

Suggested methods of usage for healing water: Then after the time has elapsed, bring it indoors and store this water in a glass container such as mason jar and use. Another method of using healing water is to drop a bit of food coloring into it and keep it in a vial as a healing talisman. You could also use some of the healing water to bathe in by mixing it with a healing herb or oil. MOST EFFECTIVE MEANS OF USING HEALING WATER WOULD BE TO ANNOINT YOUR OWN FOREHEAD WITH THE HEALING WATER OR AN AFFLICTED AREA (DEPENDING ON TYPE OF ILLNESS... AND THEM GO DEEP INTO A MEDITATIVE STATE CONCENTRATING ON HEALING THE DISEASE/ILLNESS OR PROBLEM.
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