Prophetic Dreams and Visions


1 Amethyst (stone or crystal)
A candle that you are comfortable with)


from NekroN_black

Spell Casting

This spell awaken any prophetic dreams, it is similar too the Third eye spell, but quite different.

(Start with your circle and make sure there are no outside influences that will hinder you and your work)

Light the candle and meditate lightly too center yourself. When you feel ready open your eyes and pick up the stone.

(Repeat three times)


"Sacred stone or purple true Wake my sight and please embue With sight of past and future vision To help all those with tough decisions Growing stronger with each hour Both sacred strength and sacred power At the flicker of this candle's last burn The visions I seek and secrets I will learn. When I wake I shall remember only what is important and the small shall not dwell So I will have no confusion and my brain will not swell."



Place the amethyst at the foot of the candle and let the candle burn out. When the candle has burned out place the amethyst under your pillow. (The Candle must burn out completely. . . . . . no cheating)
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