How to Make Friends With Your Guardian Dragon


A candle of any color(for this ritual, candle color associates with dragon's element)

Sweet or spicy incense

A few crystals and/or shiny rocks


Making friends with your Guardian Dragon

Spell Casting

Spell time: May's full moon

Burn a candle of any color, don't use black if you don't want to call a chaos dragon. Burn the spicy or sweet incense. Set out a few crystals and/or shiny rocks to draw their attention. Chant:

Little dragons, rainbow bright,
Good friends of this family,
Send good wishes to us all.
Join our rituals merrily,
Protect us through each day and night.
While awake or while asleep.
Through your love and vigilance,
Do this family safely keep.

Now don't think your going to see dragons all over the place now. You have to earn there trust and with enough time you might catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye. Or feel the presence of one around or maybe even a low growl sound. Give them and yourself time to learn about each other.

By D.J. Conway, an edited version.
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