Stealing Enegry from other People




from dot__000

Spell Casting

First you must know that you are not taking directly from the body, but from their Aura. In order to make someone else's aura yours you need to transfer it to your body. The quickest way I know to do this is to hold your hand to the ground and glare at your target.
1) Visualize a cord, or anything you believe to be a absorbing material (I've heard of people seeing a sponge)
2) See their energy coming from their body and into the cord.
3) See the energy go from through the cord and into your body. you will feel their energy. With enough energy removed from the target, you can drain them to the point of exhaustion and eventualy they will be close to hospitalization this is the first of many more to come. I've been sick for a while and unable to post. sorry
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