Celtic Fairy Caller


1 Large Jar
Mixed Hard Candy
Cup of Sugar
Lavander Oil
Rose Petels
Your Voice


from dot__000

Spell Casting

On a full moon go deep into the forest or wood, don't forget to take your ingredients along. Go to a spot where the moon shines the most bright. To your jar add your mixed candy and say,



"Sweets, sweets, that's what you are."



Then add your sugar and say:



"Sugar, sugar, that's what you are."



Then add your oil and rose petals and say:



"With the moon light above, I call upon the Fairy Queen and King, bring forth your tides, I am here to harm none, only to greet and love."



Dig a hole big enough to fit your jar in, allowing the top to be open, but do not let any dirt get inside. Leave the jar for one week, do not go back until the week is up. Sit close by the jar, do a little meditation, then you will start seeing the fairies.

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