New Moon Money Charm


Time: New Moon
Day: Thursday
Hour: Jupiter

* Two Green Candles
* One Orange
* A Green "Gris-Gris" bag (Draw-string)
{try your local bargain dollar store to find them}
* Lodestone or Magnet (works just as well)
* Picture of yourself
* Nutmeg, Marjoram, and thyme (you can substitute with any herbs used to draw money)
* Toy Money ( the big bills like $5,$10,etc)
* Dragons Blood Incense ,or any money drawing incense)


This spell is a charm to bring you riches and fortune

Spell Casting

Lay your tools onto the alter. Bless ,cleanse and consecrate your sacred space,and tools used to work your magick. Light the incense. Ground and center. Centrate,and say:

"New Moon, New Moon,
Cosmic stars and sonnets tune!
On this night of your re-birth,
Bless me with prosperities hearth!
Plant the seeds ,let them sow,
Into fruition,fortune grow!
Grant me a wide fortunous field,
With your power,riches yield!"

Take a little of the candle wax from both candle and drop onto your photo. Place the lodestone or magnet into the mold. Place that fixture into the gris-gris bag. Hold the paper money into your hands and chant:

(Chant 3 times!)

"Paper Money come alive,
Let my fortune start to rise!"

Place the toy money into the gris-gris bag,and pull the strings shut. Pass the Gris-Gris through the smoke from the incense and say:

" Harming none, on its way,
Bring me fortune here to stay!
Across the sky,heaven and earth,
Harvest me money, this nights re-birth!"

Carry the gris-gris with you always! fortune shall find you.
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