from red_rox07

Spell Casting

How do you do Lumokinesis? Begginer Illumining effect: As for this tech I need for you to visualize all the photons to amass in the area you are trying to illuminate. As the for the area the area make sure the area is already illuminated but not to bright once you see like a wave come out like the light bulb your have did this but be clear nobody turned on the ac it don’t matter how far you are from it, long as you are not like a mile or fifteen feet from it so you’ll know if it happened trust me.

Intermediate Intensity cycle: you will this require a disc and a light source like ten feet away .I want you to focus on intensify the photons to a higher level condense them into a ball now it should look like a very light orb if you success.

Advance Intensify light: I need for you to have all the light’s off and focus on amassing all the photons all the one’s that are dominate to amass them amass them all around the room to intensify the lighting to like it is so bright that it almost blind you hold it their for a minute and let go when you feel like you are slipping you should have successes.
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