Beauty Spell


1 Needle (Something sharp to prick or cut your finger)
1 Small piece of paper
1 Candle (any color you desire perferably red or pink)
Your voice


Pretty self-explanitary, just follow what it says. Made for girls.

Spell Casting

Light the candle and chant:


"Goddess Aphrodite
Hear my plea,
Make my body look as a models would,
 and to the boys make my curves look good,
Make my skin flawless as a dove,
So I will attract my one true love."



Prick (or cut) your finger and as blood drops (3 drops) onto paper say:


"Use my blood as a sacrifice to thee,
So I may look as I want to be,
This is my will
So mote it be."



Fold the paper with the blood on it and light it on fire with the your candle of choice.

*Remember to snuff out the candle not blow it out*
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