Protection Bottle


2 tablespoons Lavender
1 tablespoon Sulphur
1 pinch of Peppermint
1 pinch of Catnip
1/2 tablespoon Mugwort
4 whole Cloves or 1 teaspoon of
ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon dry mandrake or 1 teaspoon mandrake oil
4 tablespoons holy water/ charged/blessed water or florida water
3 tablespoons four thieves vinegar
1 white or black candle
picture of the person you are protection yourself from, make sure it is a copy (optional)
small bottle to put everything in
A pot or something flame retardent so you can burn the picture (optional)
Something to Carve your candle with (butter knife, spoon, pen)
Your Voice


For the car, home, or to protect yourself from someone with malicious intent

Spell Casting

Note: Stuff in the parenthasis () are the optional version with the picture.

 Make sure everything is laid out on your altar before casting the circle.

Cast the circle

 Open the bottle insert the funnel and add the lavender, sulphur, peppermint, catnip, mugwort, cloves and mandrake into the bottle and lightly shake to mix everything up, after you have loosely capped the bottle. Take the cap off, reinsert the funnel, add the holy water (charged/blessed water or florida water) and the Four Thieves Vinegar.
Recap the bottle, and shake gently to mix everything together loosely. Carve the word protection into the white/black candle. (take the picture and keep it within hands reach at this point in time, and make sure that you have something to put the flaming picture in when it's time to light it) Light the candle. (Don't burn the picture yet).

Say the following 3x's:


  "Protect me oh goddess of light, from anything that could cause me harm or fright. No harm can come to me, no harm shall be done, So long as my heart is pure and this spell never be undone. So mote it be."


(3x's: "You can not harm me, you power is weak, you can not scare me, you will is meak. I am protected from the harm that you upon me. I am protected by the lord and lady's all powerful gaze. So mote it be.")

Burn the picture now and place it in the flame retardent container(morter,pot, whatever you decided to use). 

Keep the bottle close to you or in a place you will remember. (For the house or the picture, the purpose is to catch any negativity)

This is good for your car - place the bottle when the spell is complete in the glove compartment, or somewhere safe in the car. Good for keeping you out of trouble, and out of accidents.
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