Dream Recall


1 cup of hot, brewed chamomile tea
Dried, crushed lavender
A white hankie


A simple spell to help you recall your dreams.

Spell Casting

Place the lavender inside the hankie. Fold neatly. Place between the pillow and pillowcase. Drink the tea. Recite the following incantation three times:

"From my higher self I bid thee come from the deep rushing river of my dreams -- great winged thoughts of inspiration, knowledge, growth, and learning. I welcome with joy the symbols and vivid colors brought forth, up through the depths of my mind, and I will remember only those dreams that are significant. I will decode these with little difficulty upon waking by using the keyword (insert a special word of choice here). So mote it be"

Ground and center. Turn out the light and close your eyes. It may take several weeks before you are able to recall significant parts of the dream segments, but don't give up. How we wake up also has a lot to do with what we recall. If you are overly tired and then roused by an alarm or a screaming sibling, it's highly possible you won't remember a thing. Sit quietly in bed and say your keyword aloud. If that doesn't work, there's always tomorrow.

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