No Libido


A red candle
Lavender oil
Warm honey


No libido? No problem.

Spell Casting

Before bed take a red candle and warm the wax by dipping it in boiling water. Carve 5 notches down one side about half a centimeter apart. Massage lavender oil into the candle and light. Gaze into the flame and place a drop of honey on your tongue as you say: "The sweet delight of honey fills my body with passion"

Do this five times and then gaze into the flame feeling the warm rush of passion move through you until it has burnt down to the notch. Snuff the flame and do for four more nights. By then you will have no problem being in touch with your sensuous self. It's a good idea to start this spell on a Monday - by Friday, ruled by Venus (the planet of sensuous love) you will be ready for a great time!

More tips:

  • For Women: regular bathing in a warm bath with 11 drops of lemon balm oil
  • For Men: regular bathing in a warm bath with 4 drops of cypress, 4 of patchouli and three of cinnamon
  • Use ylang ylang oil for massage
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