The Never Ending Flame


Holy Water
1 large crystal bowl and 4 small crystal bowls
Rosemary Oil
5 Read Candles
A two sqaure foot peice of wood
Red Chalk
Your own blood ( just prick your finger or something )
A needle or knife or anything sharp enough to prick yourself with.
One small candle holder for just one candle.


This spell will only work if you make sure every single detail of it is exactly right. ( Very Hard, Trust Me )

Spell Casting

Firstly you draw a Pentagram on the wood with your red chalk. Draw 4 circles, one in each corner, then draw a line going from each line to the middle of the pentagram. In the very middle draw a large circle and draw a fire symbol ( a semi circle with a target in the middle ) inside it. Place 4 red candles in each of the 4 corners.

Now, In between each candle place a small crystal bowl and fill them with holy water. Place the large crystal bowl in the middle and put the candle holder in the bowl. Now place your fith and final candle in the candle holder. Now prick you self and spueeze a drip of blood onto the end of the candle wick.

Now you place ten drips of rosemary in the large crystal bowl in the center. Light all five candles and say this encarntation:

" The fire is my Lord,
The fire is my Guide,
May this flame last for all of time,
May it burn the Past,
And light my Future,
May this flame become,
What has only been dreamed,
As the Eternal Flame
Of our god Xarxes ( Ex-arks-ees ).

Blow out the four outside candles, but not the fith. The candle will never go out unless you yourself puts it out. Get a freind or family member to try and blow your candle out and watch as they strugle. Now place your hand over the flame ( Carefully ) and you should its hot but it doesn't hurt or burn you. It will however burn anyone except you.

Enjoy Your Etrenal Flame That Belongs Especially To You!
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