Hex-Shattering Candle




What it sais on the title.

Spell Casting

Step 1: Write out this magickal declaration
word-for-word on a piece of paper:


"The hex is broken
the curse is lifted
I am lucky, happy, fortunate and healthy
I am free from all evil."



Step 2: Carve a red candle with good luck
symbols (like a 4-leaf clover) and other
positive signs that mean something to you.

Step 3: Anoint the candle with
Uncrossing Oil.

Step 4: Sprinkle your candle with powdered
agrimony and hydrangea blossoms. If you
can't find these, just sprinkle the candle
with any type of blossoms.

Step 5: Place the candle on top of the paper
and light the candle. Just let the wax
fall where it will. Let it burn all the
way down, and then snuff out the flame
(don't BLOW out the flame).

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