The Enchanted Charms For Aphrodite Love Spell


a small piece
of jewelry or a charm
love energies.


The charm will become a romantic talisman to draw, maintain, and protect love for the one you give it to.

Spell Casting

Step 1: Decorate your altar with all things
related to love and/or Aphrodite.

Step 2: Place offerings for Aphrodite on your
altar such as flowers, fruit, perfume, or

Step 3: Place upon the altar something that
you'd like her to empower for you such as
a love charm, a belt, a bead necklace... any
traditional but small charm or piece of
jewelry will work. Make sure it's something
that the person will like.

Step 4: Tell Aphrodite about your love, and
exactly how you feel about the person. It could
be a lover, a husband, a boyfriend, a friend,
or somebody you'd like to know better.

Make sure to tell her exactly what is hers
(the flowers, etc...), and tell her about
the piece of jewelry that you want her to
charge with love energy.

Step 5: Let the charm rest on the altar

Step 6: Give it to your beloved as a gift.

Step 7: Watch the love between you grow, and
the positive little miracles that will emerge
into your life because of the positive energy
you sent out.
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