Relieve the pressure of an unfair Professor


1 large potato
white sugar
brown sugar
a marker


To help become more understanding and see what may be possibily cuusing the root of the difficulty you are experiencing and with that information to use it wisely to sweeten your position.

Spell Casting

Write your name on one side of the potato and the professor's name underneath. Beside each name draw the symbol for Mercury to enhance the flow of information and communication. Turn the potato over. Carefully scoop out atleast one inch of potato with a spoon or knife. In a bowl, mix a small amount of the sugars (to sweeten the situation) and basil (to bring understanding) together. Empower for information, wisdom, and understanding. Sprinkle into the opening of the potato. Add three drops of vanilla. Empower for stated purpose. Place one nail in the potato to seal the spell. Set outside in the sun. As the potato rots, the evil will break down and understanding will come. If you are doing this during the cold months of the year, when it won't be possible for the vegetable to rot, use a sweet potato instead and bake in your oven until soft. At a place with moving water, remove the nail and throw the potato into the water. Dispose of the nail in a dumpster off your property.
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