Instinkt's Phoenix/Dragon Barrier Spell


Four candles, any shape, size or color.

Pine, Oak or Willow ashes, water.


Can be done one or two ways. Phoenix or Ash Dragon version.

Spell Casting

(The four candles must be burning before you begin the spell)
First blow out the first candle and imagine a wall of fire going up around one side of the area. Repeat until the candles are all out. And proceed to imagine one of the famous Fire birds (Phoenix) Protecting your home/area. I normally only do this spell at night. Lasts until dawn.

Okay, this one might be a bit more difficult.
(The ashes can be obtained by burning the sticks of the trees over a bowl or plate.)
Then, take a bowl of water and set it around the middle/or more focused area of energy in your area or home. Start putting in the ashes and imagine a sphere of crystal around your home/area, and as the ashes go in imagine it layering until its turned a gray color. Imagine a sleeping gaurdian Dragon (Can also be a Gargoyle or a Basilisk) on the top. Suggested for rough storms.

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