POTION - Rocket Fuel


5 Nettle Leaves
Spring Water
5 Fresh Basil Leaves
A pinch of Ground Ginger
5 Cumin Seeds
White Pepper
A Jar
Your Wand


A potion to give you a burst of energy.

Spell Casting

Bring half a litre of spring water to the boil and add the nettle leaves, with five fresh basil leaves. When these have softened add a pinch of ground ginger, five cumin seeds and some white pepper. wave your wand over the mixture and dance like a witchdoctor making as much noise as you can. Chant:

This hour, this hour, the gods give me power.

When your potion has cooled strain it into an empty jar. If you have to much liquid then pour the rest outside as an offering to the gods and godessess. Have just a tiny sip - too much could make you ill. If you seal the jar the potion will keep for a few days.

Note: If someone isn't keen on you doing voodoo in the kitchen then you can always let the potion cool and dance around it in your room.
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