Make Anything Healing/Healthful




A multipurpose, very easy and quick spell to bless any kind of food, item, or a drink to make it more useful. Can also be used to make magical charms and objects for others, and for wealth, power, joy -spell by liberation.

Spell Casting


A Spell To Make Anything Healing/Healthful



 "With your help,
my health shall grow,
as I will,
it shall be so."



You can use this multi-spell also for charging or programming any object (such as a bed, a whole house, a blanket, a candle, a carpet, an amulet, a pot plant, etc).

You can of course replace the word "health" with wealth, joy, power, strength, focus, hope, soul or whatever else you want to grow.

And you can use this on any object that you give to someone, for example a teddy bear for a sick child called Pete, you could say, "With your help Pete's health will grow, etc."

Hmm now that I think about it you could also use this spell against someone, like having their nose/acne/misfortune/confusion/etc grow.. Just a thought, I've never tried it against someone though so I'm not exactly sure how the spell would react like that.
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