Magic Charm


1 Blue candle

1 Red candle

1 Purple candle

1 Green Candle

1 Black cadle

1 Yellow candle

A lighter or match

1 item you wish to create a charm out of


To help you along the way...

Spell Casting

Line up the candles in this order in front of you from the right to left: Red, Black, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow. Then light them in order from left to right. Hold the you chose in both hands up over the top of your head. Speak the following clearly and strongly...
"Love, Death, Enrichment, Spirit, Protection and Life. These I so call upon to have and to share my own experienced knowledge and I wish for you to take from me what I desire of you".
Extinguish the candles as you lit them. Now lay the charm down somewhere special, for it now holds a part of your own power.
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