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This is a list of omens by candle.

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Candle Omens & Superstitions

Bad Luck
1) A drip of wax down the side of a candle at a seance presages bad luck or death to the person nearest to that side.
2) It's considered unlucky to fall asleep with a candle burning.
3) It's considered unlucky to gaze into a mirror by candle light especially on Hallows Eve.

1) If a candle suddenly goes out by itself, it is an omen of a death in the family.
2) If a candle flame turns blue it is an omen of death in the offing.
3) If a candle flame gutters and causes grease to form in a winding sheet, it is a death omen for whoever is sitting nearest to it.

1) To dream of a black candle is an omen of death or illness.
2) To dream of a white candle is an omen of true love.
3) A red candle that appears in a dream means passion and sexual desire.
4) To dream of 5 candles is an omen of love and marriage.
5) To dream of a candle in a holder is an omen of happy and prosperous future.

Ghosts and Evil
1) A blue light from a candle is a sign that good spirits are nearby.
2) A tall straight flame on a candle during a seance is a sign that a spirit is present.
3) Always light a candle at moments of birth, marriage and death to ensure that evil spirits are at bay.

Good Luck
1) A bayberry candle burned all the way down will bring good luck to the home and gold to the pocket.
2) Light a new white candle in a new house to bring good luck and happiness to the home.
3) Kill a moth flitting about a candle to bring good luck and keep away bad spirits and negativity.

1) A candle with a tall straight flame means the arrival of a stranger.
2) Churches only used beeswax candles because it was believed that bees came from paradise.
3) A medieval belief was that a lighted candle placed between the horns of a goat could make the devil appear.
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