Conjuring Cash


Green Candle
A small green bag or purse
Your wand (more on this on the rituals page under "Basic Magic Kit")
Some grains of rice on a dish
A coin
Your stone (same as wand)


A spell to draw money towards you.

Spell Casting

This spell is done best during the waxing moon(growing from new to full).

Light your candle and place your coin in the center of the dish of rice and say this three times:


"Sky above and earth below,
See my money grow and grow."



Tap the coin with your wand. Sit quietly imagining the money coming to you in normal ways. Be very clear about the amount you want and keep it sensible. When you have invisiged all you can put the coin in the bag/purse with most of the rice. Leave about 1/6th of the rice to scatter outside. Keep the bag under your pillow when you sleep and keep it with your stone in throughout the day.

Repeat the chant once a day until your money comes. When your money does come to you then just scatter the rice outside or bury it.
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