Recipe-Hoodoo Protection Powder


Egg shells
Coffee grinder (electric) or blender
Water (to wash the shells)


This is a powder commonly used in Hoodoo. While the idea isn't mine, this writing is copyright to Shauna McShane. DO NOT reproduce in any way. For personal use ONLY.

Spell Casting

1) Save the egg shells that are broken for cooking. Be sure to wash them right after they are cracked to keep residue to a minimum, and let them dry thoroughly. Store the clean shells in a tin, tupperware or ziplock bag.

2) When you are ready to make the powder, put the shells into the grinder or blender and grind until they are a fine powder.

3) Sift through a small sifter (often used for dispersing icing sugar onto baked goods) to remove clumps. Grind the clumps more until they are a fine powder.

4) Place fully ground and sifted egg shells into a clean, dry jar and label "Protection Powder". This powder can be used to powder yourself when in need of protection, sprinkle around property, add to protection mojo bags, etc.
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