Talking out the Fire


The only thing used in this spell is your faith and visualization


I've seen it work MANY times on burns and fevers......"Please always use common sense,in the case of EXTREME burns or fevers ,please call 911 and get the proper attention"

Spell Casting

This spell was taught to me many years ago as a teen ager, I have seen it used, I have used it myself with great results on both fevers and burns,and Ive given the spell over the internet and got positive results from as far as India. Please observe the rules and guide lines just as they were given to me. If this spell is passed on verbally it has to flow from male to female and so on.
I have no idea, thats just as it was told to me, it was said thet if it was verbally broken ...the spell would no longer work for the one receiving or the one telling it.
Having said that here it is//

Talking out the fire..

The first thing you need to be able to do is to get to the area of the the case of fever,you simply need the forehead.
with your fingers gently touch the forehead or the burned area,yes it is painfull so be very gentle. Lightly rub the area.
as you do this visualize the fire as literal fire energy leaving the person and flowing into your fingertips,while blowing gently on the area
and saying:

"Son of the East
son of the west
Take the fire from this wound
as on a frosty morn
let the fire be now gone."

 Say this 3 times while gently blowing and rubbing the area.If you have a hard time blowing and saying it at the same time,the words may simply be thought.

This is an easy spell to do, and one I've seen real results from.
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