To Freeze your Ex


A piece of paper
A new plastic container
Some water
A piece of fish
A refrigerator
Your ex's FULL Name


Have an ex? Hate him or her? Want freeze him? Here is the scoop...

Spell Casting

Time: Midnight on a Full Moon

Ritual: Write the full name on a piece of paper and roll the paper into a ball and put it into the plastic container along with the water and the piece of fish.

Hold the container up to the moon and say:

"Light of the Moon Hear me well
freeze him/her out and make him/her gone
the spell is cast the magic will last."

Put the container into the freezer compartment of your fridge, in a place where you know it won't be disturbed or found. Leave it in your fridge for as long as it takes. Then - and only then - throw it all away far, far away from your house.

From - Phantom120
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