Summoning of the First Abyssal Lord


A piece of metal inscribed with the sign of RIAX (A black gothic cross in a red circle).


The first of a long line of spells to conjure the lords of the deepest hell. Ærchaon is an ancient deity, only to be called upon when one needs to learn something about the oldest times.

Spell Casting

To summon the first abyssal lord: Draw a triangle arond thyself and the Sign of the RIAX. Call out in a loud voice: "First spirit of the dead world, Ærchaon the mighty, conqueror of the abyss, I call thee to ask thy guidance. Your accursed name brings daemons to my door. Smite them down and answer my call! SARASUNO KELDINN FERNESTTI CATDA!"

Now Ærchaon shall appear. Be reverent and bow thy head, for he is to be respected. Ask your question, and he will answer. After he has answered, tell him he is dismised by hitting the Sign of the RIAX twice and chanting: "DELODORÈ CESTEUS MORTAZTI" ! Wait a few moments before leaving the triangle, and then bow to the Sign of the RIAX before you do so.
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