Orange carnelian


Do this when feeling uneasy to make yourself feel whole again.

Spell Casting

When feeing uneasy at work, at home or about attending occasions you're not keen to attend, carry or wear a piece of orange carnelian. Cleanse the stone with spring water, lay it on the altar, and light an incense stick and votive candle. Sit comfortably and meditate with your eyes closed for half an hour. Open your eyes and then direct healthy and positive thoughts to the carnelian, requesting its assistance to get you out of ruts: whether physical, mental, or emotional. When ready, pick up the stone and use it right away. With its stimulating vibrations, carnelian also helps improve motivation for those prone to lethargy. Those who meditate regularly will find this stone grounding as it clears the mind of extraneous thoughts, thus enhancing healthy progress. At the same time, orange carnelian possesses a subtle guiding force that strengthens the ability to be unfazed by life's challenges.

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