Create a Crush


candle (long and orange)
flower (orange rose)
cup (silver)


This is a mild love potion, to make someone gain a crush on someone else.

Spell Casting

You will need an orange flower, it doesn't need to be a rose but roses work best. The flower must be orange and so must the candle. Orange represents attraction and stimulation.

Fill the silver cup with water and put a single petal from the flower into the water.

Light the candle and say the following:

Candle of orange create a crush
For when we meet he shall blush
And his heart turn to mush
He who quaffs this potion lush.

Of course if this spell is meant for a she replace he and his with she and her.

Once you have said the spell once, drip a single drop of wax into the water. Whoever drinks the potion will develop a crush on the very next person they see.
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