Living Elemental




How to make a companion that will stay with you till you no longer need it.

Spell Casting

In order to do this you must first know how to focus your energy into a certain space. It doesn't matter what element you are , you can always create a helper in other elements.  Your helpers can also help you in your Quests.

Envision a ball of light. ( Green for Earth, Red for Fire, Blue for Water, Yellow For Air, and White for Spirit ). Now picture that ball of light getting bigger, Start to imagine the ball of light taking shape into an animal, or what ever you want it to be. Put alot of energy, but not all of your energy into it, Now when you feel you put enough energy into it then give it a name, and what its job is. ( Rather it be Extra Protection or keep track of your things, or even just to be a garden of books ).
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