Past Problems Away


1 blue candle
Clear voice
Deep concentration


Gets rid of all your past troubles, regrets, fears, and all other negative influences.

Spell Casting

Light a green candle and place it on a table (glass, if you want more ambience). Close your eyes and visualize yourself stripped of every fear, regret or any problem you had in the past. Next, while the candle is lit, wave your hand over the flame 3 times and chant the following words:

This healing spell I cast
Brings troubles in the past
To an everlasting end.

Regrets, fears and negatives
Shall now turn into positives,
Healing body, mind and soul.

Goddess and God of the elements,
Cure my wounds and my ailments
And make me one with the future.

So mote it be,
So mote it be.

To increase the effectiveness of the spell, you may want to let the smoke flow through and around you after you blow the candle out. The smoke just helps to lift the burden placed on your shoulders, and maybe even start a new beginning.
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