Candles of Divine Banishing


4 white candles
Red pen
White thread


Divines banishing spell for indoor and outdoor use.

Spell Casting

Put 4 white candles around your house. The candles are marking the corners of a square. That square is the area, you are performing your banishing in, and the area, the banishing will take effect. With the red pen that you use or will use ONLY for magic, write this on the paper: "The power of divine protects my space. No negativity or evil may enter this place".

Roll the paper in a parchment and bind it with a white thread. Start a small camp fire within the square the candles mark, throw sage in the fire and the parchment and with a commanding and determined voice, chant this: "I hold the power of the divine. With it, I banish all negative energies. In the name of the divine, leave this place. You may not return".

Thank the divine for their presence to help the spell, then finish with "so mote it be".
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