Dream Protection


1 tablespoon Lemon juice (or other fruit juice)
1 tablespoon Sea salt
1 tablespoon Vegetable oil
1 Light weight cauldron (or a glass bowl)
1 Piece of paper
Black pen
2 Black or red candles (one of each works best)


A spell that will protect you when you go to sleep.

Spell Casting

Mix the lemon juice, sea salt and oil into the cauldron (or bowl). Then, place the cauldron in front of you on the floor. Sit comfortably and place the candles beside the cauldron (red on left, black on right) as you rip the paper in half then set it aside. Light both candles, left one first.

Now close your eyes and visualize a sphere. See the black and red candles burning around you. Watch as the candles spin around you, getting faster each time they pass. Then see yourself magickally being released. on one pieces of paper draw a picture of what you saw. On the other, write down your biggest fear.

Light both pieces of paper on fire a, using black for the written half, red for the drawing. Then throw them into your cauldron (or bowl). Take the cauldron outside and pour it (paper and all) into a hole in the ground. Cover the hole with dirt.

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