Druidic Healing Spell


ingredients: blue candle


This is a healing spell which can effectively cure most illnesses...

Spell Casting

Write name of unwell persons (or animals) on a blue candle. On a piece of parchment, write a list of things that you wished to be healed. Light the candle. As the flames engulf the candle, hold the paper to the flame to burn it. As it burns, you chant the following incantation: "By full moon's light, with helping hands, I spread good health throughout the lands. Send energies far and near, to heal this earth... that I hold dear.
And all of those so dear to me, with harm to none, so mote it be."
Let candle burn out.

Spell takes one and a half to two months to cure moderate illnesses and six months to cure serious illnesses (I will add spells to cure life-threatening illnesses later on!)
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