Make a Poppet Doll


Piece of cloth to make your poppet doll from.
3 Thorns from a blood red rose.
A picture of the person you wish to Hex.
Strand of hair of the person.
Extra: Grave yard dirt (Goofer dust) place this near your enemys home in the shape of a person this directs misfortune.


I anyone can already guess this is the spell that I got my name from because of my love of Voodoo. Voodoo dolls (Poppet) are considered Black magic so be careful.

Spell Casting

How to do it.

1. First get the picture of the person you wish to Hex, Small not large ex Passport photo.

2. Then the strand of the persons hair.

3. Take the piece of fabric and cut and saw it into a shape of a person.

4. Once the Poppet is ready cut a small hole into the belly then place the photo, the hair and the 3 thorns inside the Poppet, Then saw it back up.

5. Now your ready to say the spell of your choice, for this poppet is now a strong force of misfortune for the person and when you say the spell it will be more potent.

Be Warned: Choose your words carefully.

There are stories I could tell you about this spell that show just how dangerous it is and what it can do.

If you are not sure on anything please PM me.

The poppet.
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