Lust & Desire Spell


1 Red Candle
1 Pink Candle
1 Bottle of Apple Blossom Oil
A piece of Parchment Paper
1 Red Ink Pen
1 Envelope


This spell is too have another lust over you. To desire you. Or have them just wanting you.

Spell Casting

First anointed both candles with the apple blossem oil.
Then light the pink and red candle. Put the pink candle
left to you, and put the red candle right to you. Sit
in the middle of the floor where the candles are.
Then concretation think of what you want too achieve by
spell. whether it be lust, desire, or them just wanting

Then Chant:


"I want you too want me, I want you too need me,
 I want you too desire me, I want you too lust after me, I want
you too see that we were meant to be, lovers name I want my
desires meet, I want lust too over flow in the body of yours,
In this night of passion only you can lust and desire me , this
is my will so mote it be."



Chant these verses 5 times then blow the candles out take a piece of parchment paper and a red ink pen write your lovers name down.
Then write down your desires and what you would like too happen with this situation, on the same parchment paper. Then pour wax of the red candle over the lover's name. Then after you have pour red wax over your lover's name, then pour pink wax from the pink candle over your desires and what you would like too achieve.
Then when both wax on parchment paper is dry then fold and seal in a regular envelope. Carry envelope with you everyday untill your lover approaches you, then after the night of passion or desires, discard envelope.
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