Become more Sturdy




Makes the person who uses the ashes stronger and more balanced physically.

Spell Casting

For this spell you will need a stick or branch from an oak tree. Although pretty much any tree will due, oak trees are the strongest and most sturdy and will have the strongest effect on the spell. It also works best if the stick or branch is dry so that it will burn easier.

Whoever the spell is for must mold the clay in their hands. They do not need to be the person to cast the spell, but they will have to have contact with the clay before the spell begins.

Use the clay as a base and stick the branch into the clay so it is standing like a small tree. Then light the branch on fire. As it burns say the following:

Flame and fire, strengths desire,
Make thy constitution higher.

From this branch the power be
Of a once great mighty tree
Let that power flow to thee
Who mesh the ashes unto thee.
From branch to ashes sturdy be

Continue repeating the last line until the fire burns itself out.

The ashes will now contain the magic. Wait until the ashes cool before using them for anything, but the ashes may be eaten, smeared on skin or otherwise joined with the person who wishes to become more sturdy.
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