Channelling an Animal


Place to lie down where you won't be disturbed


Learn to channel your animal. It helps you do spells, and you can use its energy. (Small animals work best!)

Spell Casting

Lay the animal on your chest. If you decided you couldn't resist a large-medium sized animal. Just lay on top of it or place your foreheads together. Focus on "becoming one" with your animal. let your energy and that of the animal intertwine. This is easier to do if your animal is your familiar. This is very hard and complicated, so keep trying. When you get really good, you can channel it from afar, which makes it easier to do spells. Don't start unless you know you can stop anytime you want, though, and try to be at least 100 miles away from it when it dies. After channelling your animal, your energies intertwine, and when it dies, you feel it, because it's energy dies inside you.
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