Deadly Curse


Black Candle (7 if you can.)


This a very powerful spell that curses your enemy.

Spell Casting

Sit for five minutes and focus on how much hate you feel for the target. Convert all your insecurities, all your pain from everything, all the hate you feel for others, your joy, your stress, convert it all to hate for that person. Circulate the hate for five minutes, and say: “


''I curse you” 27 times.''


27 is an unlucky number. Do that at the same time.
After that, have a cup with milk in it. Pour some vinegar and squeeze some lemon/lime in there too. Stir the potion counter-clockwise 7 times. 7 is the number of ‘completion’ say:



"What you wish like “I curse you Tommy, may all your friendships crumble and die."



Then say:


“"So mote it be!"”


Dispose of the chemicals in the soil, or water. No other way.
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