Become more Agile




This spells makes you more agile.

Spell Casting

You will only need the outer rind of the orange for this spell. It is best if you can cut the rind into a long string shape. You will just need a single piece of rind but he longer the length the better.

Boil the water in the pot, once boiling remove it from the heat. While holding the end of the rind dip it in and out of the water while chanting:

Faster yet, faster still,
Quickness of fight, quickness of will.
Let the heat of the water here
Absorb from the orange agility dear.

Once you chant this spell once drop the orange peal into the water and let the water cool. Once it is room temperature you or someone else may drink the potion. To increase the effects of the spell you may continue to chant the spell while the rind is in the water and the water is cooling.
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