Summon Familiar




[DISCLAIMER] The familiar comes as a thoughtform, which is an extension of your energy. It's a good practice until you're ready for an actual familiar. (And easier to take care of)

Spell Casting

Sit outside in a quiet, undisturbed space. Somewhere you know no one will walk through. Sit down, and close your eyes. Breath in and out slowly. Visualize your familiar. (What species it is, what it looks like, its name, etc.) Once you've done that, hold the image in your mind and whisper your familiar's name.

You might have to do this multiple times, over many days, but you'll know when it worked. You might not always be able to clearly see your familiar, if at all, but you should feel its' presence.

You need to meditate often in order to maintain it, as it feeds off of spiritual energy, which is exercised during meditation. if you ever decide you don't want it anymore, or feel like you're ready for a physical familiar, just skip a meditation or two.
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