Visualisation, chant and prayer 3-in-1 for your team to win


Printed image of your team's logo
Visualise the outcome
4 red candles
Bay leaf wreath
Circle cast
Hope your team will win
Victory spell mix
Green ink
Victory oil


If you do this spell well prior to a game your favourite team/s (like the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Revolution, Cannons LC etc) may take the victory in the game.

Spell Casting

First, cast the circle, build a fire in your chosen source, print off the picture of your team's logo, get centred and set up your candles.
Then, light the candle and light the fire, draw 4 victory sigils of your choice on the page with the team's logo inside the logo in the victory oil, and say a quick chant to charge it.
Next, place the wick of ONE candle at a time up to ONE corner at a time of the sheet with the team's logo on it.
After, draw 7 victory sigils of your choice inside the logo in the green ink, say another quick blessing, and fold the paper 7 times.
Lastly, draw another victory sigil on the paper in the green ink on one side and the victory oil on the other side, crumble the bay leaf crown up, sprinkle it onto the folded sheet, sprinkle the victory mix onto it and place it into the fire while visualising the outcome of the game and put the candles in, with the remains of the crumbled bay leaf crown and spell mix while saying your prayer and say a quick chant to reinforce your intention.
The spell is done.
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