Time Travel Spell


A clock or Digital Clock
Your Mind


Spell that will send you back in time to any time after 1880 but before 1990 & return you. Stay tuned for the future spell.

Spell Casting

Step 1.) Sit in front of a Calendar. Close your eyes and picture the time it is before your eyes closed. Now picture the time going back. Now picture a calendar going back in time, the years going back 2008....2006.....2004.....2002......2000........1950. Then, Imagine the year you want to go to. Once you have the year in mind, say:

"The year I have inside my mind, shall be revealed to my kind. I send Me/us back to time that I thought. So if in trouble here, we don't get caught. Bring us/me to this place in time, so we can help the ones we find."


Returning from thePast

Repeat step one except now you are thinking of the years going up.


Then afterthat say:


"On the count of one, the spell has begun, on the count of two, this spell will make us new, on the count of three, this spell will return us/me to our time so wee can flee."

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